miss this muggg

this rolling stone will not gather moss

i've got a constant mongrel, it hurts so bad

The U.V gang are starting a record label! You best believe!!
The first release will be a tape by the glorious CONSTANT MONGREL. www.constantmongrel.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/constantmongrel
It will look a little something like this:
and sound a little like this:

The tape will have coming out party soon so start looking for a date, learning some dance moves and watch this space for more info!!

uv meets radiant living FINALLY!

take my word that the
secret band is awesome.
and its
the original line up of
some DEAF cunts who WISH
they were in SPACE or levitating PYRAMIDS.

Residency, fool.

hey b-boyz and fly girls
cleans your souls and hearts this feb
the school of radiant living
take over saturday arvos at the Birmingham front bar (r.i.p Tote).
come check them out.
FREE FREE FREE with some killer supports!!

6/2 Whores (syd)

13/2 Woolen Kits
+ Constant Mongrel

20/2 Bed-wettin Bad Boys (syd)
+ Southern Comfort (syd)

27/2 Twerps